Prologue it's a series of apparently unrelated images divided into two of the fundamental categories of photography: black&white and colour.

The series refers to the period in which the only aim was to capture reality in order not to lose it, just to freeze it and later analyse it. It's photographing without a project, without control, without an end.

It's a way to work that I cannot give up and that changes over the years.

The photographs in black&white come from different times and places, collected during various trips. Together they form a constellation representing many states of mind of teenage and early adulthood: rage, refusal of one's own domestic environment, the imprisonment in imposed roles, solitude and the inability of expressing one's feelings.

On the other hand, colour represents the discovery of one's own shades, which have been pulsing for years in an emotional underground. These photographs were taken in familiar places, and at times staged like in a dream made of casualties put together by the subconscious, taking inspiration from the day that just passed, from domestic landscapes or past and present routines. They are for me a spontaneous and partly inscrutable generation of images. Colour means recognising yourself, moving about the world with a new awareness.

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